Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some of our Frequently Asked Questions answered below: 

I placed an absentee bid, when will I find out if my bid was successful?

All bidders will be contacted at the earliest possible time the first business day after the auction.

I have seen  an item advertised I want to buy, can I buy it before it goes up for auction?

We do not sell out of auction. However, if you are at an auction and one item does not get sold, buyers may make an offer on a lot. This will be treated as a referral bid.

How do I pay for items won in an online auction?

Ross's utilise an Automatic Payment Deduction System to streamline the payment process for our customers. Following the closing of each online auction, the winning bid for each lot will be automatically drawn from the bidders' nominated credit card linked to Ross's Premium membership. This charge will reflect the total invoice bill including the hammer price, buyers premium, GST (if applicable), delivery fee and any other relevant charges specified in the conditions of the auction.

For all invoices above $2000.00, a deposit of $2000 will automatically be deduced, the balance of the payment can may be made via your premium account in > member tools > invoices. Payment for these invoices may also be made in person at our Welshpool branch.

By when do I need to collect the goods I won at a live auction or online auction?

Purchased items must be removed by no later than 4 p.m on the next business day following the auction (unless specifically advertised). Failure to do so will incur a $20 storage fee per item per day. If you fail to pay the storage charge payment the lot may be resold to collect the monies owed.

Does Ross's Auctioneers & Valuers provide a delivery/ postal service?

It is the clients' responsibility alone to arrange pickup of any items purchased. Ross's does not have a delivery service or the facilities to process postal services.

The Online Wine Auctions are the exception. Wine purchased in the online wine auctions will be posted to the nominated address directly from the vendors' premises.

Why is the online bidding time extended when placing a bid in the last 5 minutes of the auction?

Our Online auctions feature an Anti-Snipe system. If a bid is placed with in the last 5 minutes of the auction, the timer is extended by 5 minutes until bidding stops.  This system replicates attending a traditional auction, where the auctioneer keeps the bidding going until no further bids are offered. Our goal is to ensure that buyers have a chance to respond to a counter bid and that our vendors' assets go to the highest bidder.

When will the auction catalogue be published?

For the majority of our auctions the catalogue is published on our website the day before the auction. Unfortunately items may be withdrawn at any time leading up to the auction. Whilst Ross's endeavours that this does not occur, it is often out of our control. We thoroughly recommend that buyers who are travelling a large distance to attend an auction contact the auctioneer directly to ensure that the item is still available for auction.

What is Ross's Replacement & Return policy?

All items bought at auction are sold "as is". We offer inspection times for the customer to make an assessment and satisfy themselves to the condition of the item prior to bidding. There will be no refunds or returns offered for any items.

What times are Ross's Auctioneers & Valuers open and when in that time frame can I come to collect my items?

Collection times are strictly held between 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. We do not allow pickups during Saturday's auctions. Anyone attempting collection will be turned away.

What happens with unsold lots after the auction?

The majority of items will be placed back into an upcoming auction, please contact reception to find out the next date of that particular auction category.

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